Enter an input address and the application will use the MAR locator to return the location for street addresses in the District of Columbia.

Location Type Examples
Address Specific
Address: An address consists of a street number, a street name, and a quadrant (NE, NW, SE, SW). The address number and street name are required.
Example: 441 4th ST NW

Block Range
Block: A block consists of a street and any other cross streets.
Example: 4th ST NW from D Street NW to E Street NW or 400 Block (or blk) of 4th St NW

At Intersection
Intersection: An Intersection consists of two streets
Example: 14th ST NW and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, or 14th ST NW & Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Need To Report Potholes in DC?

To report a pothole visit our 311 system

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Closed Potholes - CLOSED POTHOLES
Open Potholes - OPEN POTHOLES
Pending Potholes - PENDING POTHOLES

Use the slider bar and arrow controls to zoom
in/out and move around the map. You can also
click-and-drag on the map to move it, or use your
mouse wheel to zoom in/out.If you hold the Shift Key
and draw a box on the map,
it will zoom into that area.

Potholes are identified by the symbols on
the map (refer to legend for pothole status).
Zoom in close and click on a pothole to find out
additional information about that pothole.

DDOT To Launch Potholepalooza 2015!
Please let us know if you discover any
bugs or have any pothole complaints This site is updated daily with data as of 01/01/2015. Thank You!

Need To Report Potholes?
The pothole interactive map is to simply see where potholes have been
reported throughout the District. To report a pothole visit our 311 system